The Physical Activity and Weight Management Research Center occupies approximately 10,000 square feet of research and laboratory space. has equipment for the assessment physiological outcomes related to exercise training and body weight regulation. Equipment includes the following:
* Clinical exercise testing equipment including a treadmill interfaced with a GE Medical CASE 12-lead ECG
* Clinical exercise testing equipment including an electronically-braked cycle interfaced with a 12-lead ECG
* Metabolic testing equipment (exercise and resting) including a Viasys/SensorMedics Vmax Encore metabolic care, Viasys/SensorMedics Vmax Spectra metabolic cart, and a Jaeger Oxycon Mobile metabolic cart.
* GE/Lunar iDXA for the assessment of body composition and bone densitometry. See illustration below.
* Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure Assessment is available through multi-sensor activity monitors. These devices allow for monitoring of daily energy expenditure (minute-by-minute) in free-living settings. Devices include armband technology (www.bodymedia.com) and accelerometers.
* Staff and equipment (centrifuges, etc.) are available for the collection, processing, and storage of blood samples. Equipment includes a -70o So-Low freezer, Thermo Scientific
* Forma 900 Series -70o freezer, and a Thermo Scientific IEC CL40R refrigerated centrifuge. Blood sample analysis occurs at the University of Pittsburgh Heinz Nutrition Laboratory.
* Exercise Training Facilities are available to support applied and basic research. These facilities are accommodated in 1200 square feet of dedicated space that includes that include 22 pieces of cardio training equipment (treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent exercise cycles, adaptive motion trainers) and a 10 piece Precor C-Line resistance training circuit. Shower and locker facilities are also available.
* Three large conference rooms are available to support intervention group sessions.
* Four clinical assessment rooms are available for measurement of weight, height, resting blood pressure, resting heart rate, anthropometry, blood and bio-electrical impedance analysis.